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Helping You Fix Your Money Problems

Financial Core Values

Each of these phases are essential to building wealth

Mind Transformation

Cashflow Generation

Debt Elimination

Credit Restoration

Tax Minimization

Wealth Accumulation

Legacy Preservation

   Discover How to Make “Wealth Creation Simple”. 

Be Free University will show you what you wish other learning institutions would have taught you about wealth and so much more.  Our programs will walk you step by step on how to fix your money problems, take control of your finances, use the tax game, enhance credit, irradiate debt, create wealth, and learn a passive income skill. 

Real Members 

Real Results 

Customers served! $ 825 M Debt Eliminated
Customers served! $ 825 M Cash Flow Generated
Customers served! $ 825 M Wealth Accumulated
More Money
credit MASTERY

Learn to obtain and maintain good  credit and how to use it as leverage to create wealth. 






  • Credit Rocket
  • Edit Your Credit
  • Credit Conquerors
  • 800 Credit Club
  • Free Kitchen
Freedom  Mastery

Take this Mastery and watch your life change almost over night.  This is for people who want Freedom and to Live Life Own Their Own Terms. 





  • Financial Mastery
  • Be Free TV
  • Personal Financial Coach
  • On Demand - Real Estate
  • On Demand - Trading
  • Certifications
Millionaire mastery

This Master is for people who are looking to create million dollar business and need group coaching and mentoring to get their. 





  • Freedom Mastery
  • Millionaire Mentorship
  • Business Credit
  • Wall Street Wallet
  • Personal Financial Coach +

Wealth Simplified

Our university, live education & coaching empower you with the tools, 

skillsets and knowledge to help you build real wealth & freedom.



  • Plan From Financial Coach
  • Cashflow Generation
  • Credit Restoration
  • Debt Elimination
  • Tax Minimization
  • Legacy Preservation


  • Real Estate
  • Trading
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business
  • Etc.


  • Wall Street Wallet
  • Millionaire Mentorship
  • Business Coach
  • Business Credit
  • Business Taxes
  • Etc.

Be Free TV

Live Teaching with Experienced Coaches

What is better than learning from someone who has already accomplished what you desire to do.  Our coaches teach what they did to be successful as they coach you along your journey.  

Our live classes are better than what anyone can imagine.  With live Q&A get the help you need as you apply what you are learning in real time. 


Life Should Be Lived On Your Own Terms

ubiquitous Learning

On Demand Courses and Certification

No matter what you schedule maybe Be Free University is here for you. You can learn from anywhere at any time on at Be Free University. Get the best education as you work at your own pace.  

Join our community of people just like you with busy schedules, kids, families, jobs, and just life surrounding them.  Our platform provides you with the same opportunity no matter your schedule.

Learn A Passive Income Skillset

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Warren Buffet

Be Free University is designed to teach you a skillset that will separate your time from money, while allowing you to generate unlimited income.  We have produced students who have made up to 300K in their first year of taking our classes.  Below you will have some masteries you can take at your leisure in both "Live" and "On Demand" with our Keep More Money - Freedom Mastery Program.


Introduction to Forex

Profiting in Any Market


Market Liquidity

Supply & Demand

Technical Analysis

Charts and Patterns

Short Term Rentals


Multicare Facilities

Group Homes

Private Care

Digital Marketing

Website Development


Landing Pages


Copy and Content

Community Management

Paid Advertising


Real Estate


Tax Liens and Deeds

Short Term Rentals


Real Estate Finance


Renting, Selling and Profiting


How to Start Your Business

Solving a Problem

Marketing Analysis

Branding VS Marketing

Value Proposition 

Scaling Your Company


Be Your Own Banker

Leveraging Insurance

Term vs Whole life

Obtain Life Insurance Licensing

YOur Community

Member Center

We are absolutely in love with our community and members.  We have the best wealth building online community in the world.  Our goal is to interact with you as you have questions and celebrate victories.   

You have the ability to form new connections, join clubs, invite friends, inbox others, post on your time line, and so much more at Be Free University.  Come and join our community and let us celebrate your success along your journey.  

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The Tools To Apply What You Learned At Your Finger Tips.

We are not about education only.  What good is education with the resources apply what you learn.   

We are continually adding more tools for you to be able to get out of debt, increase your credit score, perform your estate planning, purchase real estate and so much more.  Join us today and get the education and the tools to also do the application. 

Our Members Lives Have Been Changed ... Forever

Be Free University has gives me the best value than any other course/school I have ever seen.  I have absolutely made and saved more money than I have paid.  

Sarah Dotson

Be Free University - Member

This is an investment into yourself.  Coming to Be Free has changed my mindset on so many levels.  Not to mentioned it has changed my financial life as well.  

Mike Stuart


If you thought you never would be able to retire wealthy then enroll in Be Free today.  I will be retired in a year at 44, making more money than I ever did at at job.  Learning to separate time from money has changed my family outlook forever. 

Derrick James